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How Keeping Up with the News Can Help Your Content

When you are creating content for a specific business or enterprise, it’s always wise of the writer to be on top of their subject matter – meaning that the writer has a working knowledge of the subject’s most current matters and events on a local, national and global scale. Before reporters go out to cover stories, they gather as much information as they can and make sure that it’s the most current before even leaving the news room. As a creator of content, you should have a similar approach!

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Chek You’re Werk: The importance of an editing process

There is nothing worse than reading an article or an email from a client and having to decipher what they meant due to the number of spelling or grammatical errors. As an associate editor, you wouldn’t believe some of the mistakes I see on a regular basis. In a business setting, it can take only one typo for you to lose credibility. It’s like showing up at a formal dinner with a big ketchup stain on your shirt. In fact, both problems can be solved by using the same concept: check your work (outfit).

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Lessons from Patch: Pay your writers and editors

The Importance of Paying your Writers and Editors

If you’re interested in the business of journalism at all, Jim Romenesko’s blog should be part of your daily reading. Romenesko was a former police beat reporter with the Milwaukee Journal, and later went on to develop his own successful blog. Last Friday, he posted a letter from an anonymous editor at — AOL’s local news source — about the hats and buttons that Patch had sent out to editors in advance of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions that took place over the last few weeks.

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5 Content Publishing Mistakes

You have a range of tools at your disposal to get your message out to your readers. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters and even printed material are all waiting and ready for you to put your words in place. The problem, of course, is what are you going to talk about? As your deadline approaches and you’re stumped with what you’re going to write, the temptation to look outside traditionally accepted means of publication is almost irresistible. But resist it you must. Here are five common content publishing mistakes made on an alarmingly frequent basis:

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