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Curating Content like The Big Guys

Content Theft, Creation, Curation, and Aggregation

Last summer, IMN produced its second annual content marketing survey. In it, we found that respondents knew content marketing was essential, but almost half said that content marketing only represented 10% of their annual marketing budget. So how does a dealership curate content like a Fortune 100 company, if the budget isn’t there? My abrupt answer is that Fortune 100 companies don’t typically do a good job of curating content at all, so dealerships, with some content curation acumen, a passion for the subject matter, the right tools and a good journalistic instinct for what’s interesting, can regularly beat the pants off of Fortune 100 companies, for a significantly low investment. What is Curation? Content curation or aggregation is – according to C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley in their great book Content Rules – is the “act of continuously identifying, selecting, and sharing the best and most relevant…content…to match the needs of a specific audience.” There’s a difference between content curation and content aggregation, but both of them serve the same purpose. Content aggregators like Yahoo! News or Google News […]

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Start with the Subject Line [Infographic Friday]

Before you start worrying about content of your emails, you have to figure out how you’re going to get your audience to open them in the first place. Where is the best place to start? The subject line!

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Auto Dealers: Looking to get the Most out of your Email Newsletter?

IMN, the digital marketing company that delivers branded newsletters and content for vertical markets, today announced details of its forthcoming webinar with Digital Dealer, “Email Marketing Best Practices: It’s Not Your Father’s Newsletter.” IMN will explore how to keep newsletter readers engaged, extend marketing reach, identify buyers in the market, measure success and analyze customer behavior.

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