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Don’t Get Left Behind in the Direct Sales Digital Revolution

In the words of Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are a-Changin.’” The direct selling industry has faced myriad challenges just in the last decade. How people shop for products, how they earn extra money, and how they communicate have all changed rapidly, deeply affecting the industry’s place in consumers’ lives.

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Is Your Direct Selling Business a Partner or a Supplier to Your Distributors?


In direct selling, your distributors are arguably as important as your products. The types of personal relationships they build with customers and other distributors are critical to the direct selling model and are rare in more traditional retail operations. Your products might be great, but the passion distributors bring to the table is what moves inventory.

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Making the Benjamins: Late Nights & Taboo

Earlier this week I read an article in Forbes, Is MLM a Bad Word?  And this brought me back to the reasons why I became an entrepreneur myself. How many people would love to run their work around their lives? How many people want to be in business for themselves but are not sure how?  For established direct selling and Multi-Level Marketing companies, the consultants or distributors within their family truly have control of their own destiny.

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