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How to Market to People Who Don’t Want to Talk About Money

Banker Speaking With Customers

People really don’t like talking about money. That’s fine when you’re avoiding uncomfortable conversations at the Thanksgiving table, but it becomes a problem for your bank when you’re trying to market your financial services.

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What to Do About COVID Marketing Burnout

Mother working from home

If you’re getting a little (or a lot) tired of hearing about COVID, the new normal, and every other pandemic-related kernel of news, marketing, and thought leadership, you’re not alone. Much of the business world has been burned out on the “new normal” for months.

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Get Better Franchise Marketing Through Data

Automotive marketers today are mastering their digital marketing efforts and coordinating efforts across a specialized franchisor-franchisee relationship. The franchisor (OEM) and the franchisee (dealer) send brand messages that harness the power of data to reach the right audience on the right channel with the right message at the right time. But it wasn’t always that way. In the heyday of traditional media, most marketers relied heavily on the “spray and pray” marketing method to get one message seen by as many prospective customers as possible. Back then, it worked, especially for automotive marketers. A limited number of channels existed, so OEM and dealership marketers could reasonably assume one message on a specific channel—such as print, radio, or TV—would create profitable impressions on a well-defined audience. Two things happened in the 2000s that would forever change the face of automotive marketing. First, internet use and access for consumers exploded. Second, the Great Recession knocked down car sales—and knocked out some 4,000 dealerships. The dealers who survived the recession also learned to adapt their marketing so they can thrive in the digital […]

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Content Marketing 101: What Are Obstacles to Better Content?

You know content marketing is important for your brand’s message to be heard above the digital noise. You know your peers and competitors are using it. But do you know what’s keeping your efforts from producing better content? Last week, we said content marketing doesn’t look or feel like marketing because it sells your brand as a better source of information than your competitor. This week we’re going to look at some of the biggest obstacles identified by respondents in our Third Annual Content Marketing Survey. No Strategy in Sight Right now, more than 30 percent of our respondents don’t have a content marketing program. They treat content marketing like a short-term tactic by “winging it” every day. They don’t plan their content marketing efforts and they don’t measure those efforts. They can’t monitor or grow long-term customer engagement because they won’t create a long-term strategy. Budget Woes and Worries Half of respondents want to spend more money on content marketing, but they don’t have the money. Worse, they might spend the money they do have on traditional marketing tactics that […]

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