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Building the Content Marketing Pyramid, Part 1

Running a company blog or social media account sounds easy at first, but over time it can cause an existential crisis – especially if your audience won’t engage with you. You have to take a step back and figure out why you’re working hard to create better content. Are you incorporating your content marketing goals into each content decision you make? And are you working toward the right goal for your brand? We’ve identified the top five goals for using content marketing: brand awareness, lead generation, consumer engagement, customer loyalty, and thought leadership. Most brands use content marketing to increase awareness and leads. Some brands worry about engagement. Only a few brands focus on loyalty and thought leadership. Over time, content marketing can help your brand achieve all five goals. Think of these goals forming a pyramid: Before you can achieve customer loyalty and thought leadership, you must build a foundational layer of brand awareness. Those terms carry a lot of meaning for marketers and salespeople, but we want to unpack each goal and consider what they really mean in […]

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Content Marketing 101: 3 Strategies for Delivering Better Content

Search “content marketing” on Google and you’ll get nearly 19 million results. Article topics range from definitions and examples to industry trends and tools. The number of choices and options available are overwhelming. Every day we help marketers from a variety of industries. We know a “one size fits all” content marketing program doesn’t exist. So we’ve broken down the top three strategies content marketers use to deliver better content to help you find the best strategy for your brand.   Create content         If your mind buzzes with new ideas and you love to collaborate with creative people, you probably want to try creating content for your brand. After all, digital tools and technology have made it easier than ever before to write, publish, and share content with an audience. But to create better content, you need to keep a few things in mind: Define your audience. Imagine this scenario: You ask a friend for details about his daughter’s birthday party. But he only wants to talk about the great deal he got on the birthday […]

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How a Shop Vac beat James Bond

I spent three days at the media circus surrounding the New York International Auto Show last week. The night before I attended the official media days, I got a few sneak peeks at some exciting products. One event probably cost tens of thousands to put on. One event cost well into the multiple millions to execute. Yet, their social media impact was decidedly different.

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The State of Online Engagement [Infographic Friday]

Nowadays there are so many ways for marketers to reach customers and consumers, it can be hard to identify the methods and tactics that fit in line with your marketing objectives. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to understand the state of online engagement. After surveying upwards of 15,000 marketers in the US and Europe, this infographic reveals what channels and tactics marketers are using, and most importantly why they’re using particular inbound marketing methods to spark online engagement.

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Content Marketing in a Nutshell [Infographic Friday]

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Is it effective? How do you get started? Maybe you know the answers to these questions, maybe you don’t – whatever the case may be, this infographic is great for all marketers alike. Learn about the various channels and tactics used by today’s content marketers, how B2B and B2C companies use content marketing, and what you can do to strengthen or establish your content marketing strategy.

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