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Simplify Your Bank Marketing Strategy With These Four Tips

Simplify Your Bank Marketing Strategy

Marketing is far from an exact science. There is no blueprint a bank can follow to guarantee engagement with its audience. Nevertheless, how marketers face a handful of common challenges dictates how successful they will be.

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Get Better Franchise Marketing Through Customized Branding

It’s time for another lesson from the car lot. This lesson is dedicated to our franchisee audience. (If you’re a franchisor, check out our previous post on better franchise marketing.) According to Local Vox, 64 percent of franchisees feel disappointed by the quality of marketing support they receive from their franchisors. It’s not that franchisees think they don’t get any support; however, they feel their franchisors don’t support their individual franchise location. In the automotive world, OEMs provide marketing support to dealerships. However, many of the OEM’s messages market the OEM and its benefits – not a specific dealership and its unique qualities. It seems that franchisees of all types face a similar problem: How can they market their individual location while also taking advantage of and complying with their franchisor’s brand marketing program? Brand compliance matters In the eyes of consumers, franchisees are part of their franchisor’s corporate brand. The actions taken by the corporate franchise brand – and the messages it sends – reflects on the franchisees. The reverse is also true. When franchisees send a message, their […]

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Content Marketing 101: How to Think Like a Publisher

You helped your niece start and finish the Content Marketing Pyramid. Now she understands how content marketing can help her achieve business goals. Then you explained why finding the right audience and the right channel is important. Now when she sends a message, she knows to whom and where to send it. She’s ready for the final test. You ask your niece to define content marketing. “You have a goal for your business, and you can find it on the Content Marketing Pyramid. Once you know your goal, you find the audience that matches it. But you also gotta use the right channel to talk to them. Then you can send your message to make that goal come true.” “Hmm… What if I ask you to define storytelling?” you ask. “That’s easy! You tell a really good story about something cool to someone you know will like the story.” “See, that’s also content marketing.” “Now I’m confused.”   Content Marketing: Where Storytelling Meets Selling Hundreds of articles defining content marketing exist. They explain, defend, and debate it. But many of […]

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Audiences and the Content Marketing Pyramid

In our last couple of blog posts, you’ve been helping your niece build a content marketing strategy for her lemonade stand. You told her about the Content Marketing Pyramid and how to complete it. The next time you see her, you ask if the Content Marketing Pyramid has helped her sell lemonade. She sounds less than confident. “I really like the pyramid. I know exactly what I need to do now. But sometimes people don’t listen to me about my lemonade! Why don’t they care about my lemonade?” Your niece has adopted a “marketing mentality.” For most types of marketing, this mentality helps craft the right content. But in content marketing, marketers need to think less like a salesman and more like a publisher. This mindset is called the “editorial mentality.” This is a marketing mentality: You design your content to fulfill a specific content marketing goal, because your content communicates different ideas or desired action. This is an editorial mentality: You tailor your content to reach a specific audience, because your audience has different wants and needs. “So I […]

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