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2014 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

Take IMN's 2015 Content Marketing Survey

If your company is using content marketing – or thinking about it – you might wonder what other companies are doing and whether they’re succeeding. We have the answers. Again, this year, IMN surveyed companies large and small across a variety of industries… automotive, insurance, banking and financial services, direct selling, and franchise… to learn what’s working and not working for today’s content marketers. To see the highlights of the key findings from the Third Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey, check out our infographic below! Click here to download the full report.

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2013 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

For the second year in a row, IMN conducted a survey on one of the most talked about marketing practices, content marketing. Respondents of the IMN Content Marketing Survey represented marketers from organizations of all sizes, with the majority of respondents representing companies with 10-999 employees.

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The Digital Marketing Trio of 2013 [Infographic Friday]

This week’s infographic, The Digital Marketing Trio, comes from SlickText.  They have some great stats around Social, Mobile and Content Marketing.  What is your favorite marketing statistic from this great infographic?

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Mapping the Perfect Facebook Post [Infographic Friday]

Great graphics.  The right character count. Thought provoking content. A strategically placed link, perhaps a shortened link.  The right call to action – not too general, but not too specific.  These are just a few of the elements that contribute to the ideal Facebook post.  And as consumers begin to demand more of all of their information, these elements are likely to change or evolve in importance and priority. Today’s infographic focuses on a plan for building the perfect post – what do you think?

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Everything You Need to Know about Twitter in Pictures [Infographic Friday]

How To Twitter

Social media has definitely delivered a new paradigm for communicating, and it’s also given us a whole new language from hashtags to tweeps to follow friday.  Today’s infographic, from the team at Twiends, is a simple definition of all terms Twitter and some prescriptive tips on getting started.

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