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Don’t Let Digital Fatigue Stunt Your Email Marketing

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If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with the influx of digital marketing content every time you go online, then so can your customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind to help your email marketing efforts overcome your audience’s digital fatigue.

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Go Upgrade Your Content with Just 5 Wonderful Words

Grow email open rates with the best 5 words in email subject lines

Want better email open rates? We thought you might. A new study from Alchemy Worx found the top 5 performing words to include in an email subject line. These words may not work for every industry, but they performed consistently well across a variety of industries. “Upgrade” can yield a 65 percent higher open rate than the average email open rate. “Just” can yield a 64 percent higher open rate. “Content” can increase email opens by 59 percent. “Go” and “wonderful” can increase email opens by 55 percent. We recommend using just one or two of these words in an email subject line. For instance, try pairing “go” and “upgrade” if your brand offers technology and software solutions, or “just” and “wonderful” if your brand sells helpful products. Using too many of these “power words” can lessen the impact of each keyword. It may also resemble other spammy practices that will make email service providers and applications ignore or penalize your email messages in the inbox. The following words performed the worst in email subject lines: “Miss” can decrease email […]

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