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Recap: #DSChange with Michelle Larter

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for the #DSChange Twitter Q&A with Michelle Larter, IMN’s Worldwide Sales Director for direct selling solutions. Whether you tweeted, favorited, or simply followed along, we appreciate the chance we had to engage with you and better understand your perspective on direct selling. Some popular topics from yesterday are summarized below:   Does the industry really make any money? It’s true that some U.S. direct selling market sectors have seen sales growth decline or stabilize over the past few years. However, the wellness and services sectors both saw remarkable sales growth last year. The wellness sector increased sales to 28.5% of the market and the services sector increased sales to 22.9%. The Direct Selling Association estimates the wellness sector will reach $18 billion in sales by 2018.   What’s the best communication tool to use?           Consumers ages 18-44 check email on their smartphone more than any other activity or app, so it makes sense marketers want to use email to reach them. IMN case studies have shown that […]

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“It’s Not You, It’s Me”

Small businesses should stop giving into social media What would “Dear Abby” say to someone who spends lots of time and energy on a love interest who doesn’t notice or care? “See what else is out there. Play the field. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Small and medium businesses need similar “Dear Abby” guidance on their love for social media. A new survey from research firm BIA/Kelsey found that nearly 75 percent of small businesses use social media for business advertising and promotions. They spend more on average on social media than any other media platform. But less than 26 percent think they see “extraordinary” or “excellent” returns on their investment. Social media is attractive and exciting. All of your friends really like social media too. But if social media isn’t making you or your sales team happy, then you need to reevaluate how much love and attention you give it. It’s OK to be wrong about social media. Email understands. And email can help you prompt triple the number of purchases. Email works nearly 40 times […]

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Blood, Motorcycles, Vampires, Chemistry and Content Marketing

Recently, television networks have really stepped up their content marketing and there is a lot we can learn from them. Social Media has allowed marketing to become very interactive. Here are four lessons in content marketing based on four of my favorite TV shows:

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