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Don’t Let Digital Fatigue Stunt Your Email Marketing

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If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with the influx of digital marketing content every time you go online, then so can your customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind to help your email marketing efforts overcome your audience’s digital fatigue.

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Is Your Content Too Complex?

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We’re all familiar with the most common pitfalls of financial marketing: irrelevant content that fails to engage your customers and noncompliance with laws and regulations. But, there’s one aspect of financial marketing that marketers often overlook, and it could be costing you real opportunities.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Readers Love Your Content

Have you ever felt really, truly overwhelmed by content? There’s a good chance your readers have too. The average American spends a little over 12 hours per day consuming media. Millennials spend up to 18 hours. All that media consumption can lead to “glossy eye syndrome.” Symptoms include tired brains, poor memory, and lack of engagement. Plus, you know, glossy eyeballs. That’s why we want to share five tips with writers everywhere. These tips can help you write content that engages people and gives their poor eyeballs a break. 1. Write a catchy headline. People read, watch, share, and talk about content all day long. Help your content stand out from the noise by writing a great headline. Need some inspiration? Barry Feldman’s post on writing great headlines can help you get started. 2. Get to the point – fast. Half of your website’s visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds reading your content. Give your ideas a chance by getting them in front of readers as soon as you can. It’s OK to weave an interesting hook or a personal […]

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9 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

(To the tune of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas…) On a dark night in early February 2013, not a football player was stirring in New Orleans. It was Super Bowl night, and the power was out; all through Facebook and Twitter, people wondered aloud: “Where is our football game? Why won’t it show?” Until one voice responded: “Hey look, an Oreo!” Oreo’s tweet, now famous—“You can still dunk in the dark”—was a smart, timely way to spread branded snark. But take heed, dear reader, should you try to sell your products and solutions on social media “shelves.” No matter how playful your pop-culture roast, readers may not respond to self-promotional posts. They tune out content that doesn’t engage them on platforms designed just for engagement. If you want to increase brand awareness for real, the nine tactics below can help seal the deal: Ask your existing audience on Facebook and Twitter what problems or obstacles they have to feeling good about their finances. The best way to understand a potential client’s problem is to ask your current audience what issues […]

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