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Go Upgrade Your Content with Just 5 Wonderful Words

Grow email open rates with the best 5 words in email subject lines

Want better email open rates? We thought you might. A new study from Alchemy Worx found the top 5 performing words to include in an email subject line. These words may not work for every industry, but they performed consistently well across a variety of industries. “Upgrade” can yield a 65 percent higher open rate than the average email open rate. “Just” can yield a 64 percent higher open rate. “Content” can increase email opens by 59 percent. “Go” and “wonderful” can increase email opens by 55 percent. We recommend using just one or two of these words in an email subject line. For instance, try pairing “go” and “upgrade” if your brand offers technology and software solutions, or “just” and “wonderful” if your brand sells helpful products. Using too many of these “power words” can lessen the impact of each keyword. It may also resemble other spammy practices that will make email service providers and applications ignore or penalize your email messages in the inbox. The following words performed the worst in email subject lines: “Miss” can decrease email […]

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3 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness, Part 1

3 Steps for Financial Marketers to Increase Brand Awareness

Step 1: Challenge the Mindset IMN’s 2014 Content Marketing Survey uncovered some interesting content marketing issues specifically for the banking and financial services industry. Overall, banking and financial services marketers seem less confident in their content marketing efforts, strategy, and compliance than other industry marketers. They have unique struggles and concerns: Navigating legal compliance while developing compelling marketing messages. Handling a delicate subject matter (money). Representing clients ranging widely in personal wealth and financial intelligence. When asked for their primary content marketing goal, these marketers said they want to increase brand awareness. IMN wants to help them by breaking down that goal into three easy-to-follow steps. Although this series is geared towards banking and financial services brands, any brand can apply the general practices and ideas promoted. We hope this series helps marketers find a better way to build awareness for their brands. Before you build brand awareness, become aware of your audience’s problem. Your brand has a claim to fame: You offer a unique solution or service to help current and potential clients manage their financial matters. Naturally, you […]

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Content Marketing 201: How to Create Better Content

Want to create content that gets better engagement and views because it helps your audience? We have a wealth of practical tips and expert opinions in our last installment of the Content Marketing 201 series. Keep reading to find out how to create better content for your brand. Creating content: Follow the golden ratio of content. There are two types of created content: owned and promotional. Owned content is simply content you create that doesn’t have a sales pitch attached. For instance, this blog post is an example of owned content. Although we hope our readers enjoy our blogs posts enough to check out the awesome services we provide, we’re also committed to providing helpful, relevant advice and information to our readers – no strings attached. Promotional content includes a specific call to action. This includes advertisements, coupons, giveaways, contests, and any message that is transactional (you offer something to your reader in exchange for information or money). Most businesses will create owned and promotional content, on top of the curated content we discussed last week. Follow a simple rule […]

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Content Marketing 201: How to Curate Better Content

Previously we showed how hard work, diligence, and a bit of smart planning can help you find better content. If you’ve found great content, you probably want to share it with your audience. Before you hit “publish,” provide context for your audience to help illustrate why the content matters to them. Be creative. Let’s say you found an article that discusses the best examples of financial institutions using LinkedIn. It contains interesting data points, key players in the financial services industry, and a compelling argument. You like this article and want to share it. You could copy the link to your social media channels with little to no context or explanation. Or you could update the argument and recycle the information to reflect your brand’s message. Trendy DIYers on Pinterest have a handy word for this sort of creative repurposing: “upcycle,” to update and recycle. An upcycled article can become an infographic (using the article’s data and institution logos) or a “response article” on your blog (using the article’s main argument with your thoughts added in). You can divide the […]

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