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[Infographic] Where are your bank’s marketing dollars going?

Bank Marketing Infographic

If your financial institution is anything like the banks in a recent study performed by The Financial Brand, you’ve probably seen your marketing budget grow in recent years. In fact, you’ve probably seen your assets grow as well.

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Is Your Direct Selling Business a Partner or a Supplier to Your Distributors?


In direct selling, your distributors are arguably as important as your products. The types of personal relationships they build with customers and other distributors are critical to the direct selling model and are rare in more traditional retail operations. Your products might be great, but the passion distributors bring to the table is what moves inventory.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Readers Love Your Content

Have you ever felt really, truly overwhelmed by content? There’s a good chance your readers have too. The average American spends a little over 12 hours per day consuming media. Millennials spend up to 18 hours. All that media consumption can lead to “glossy eye syndrome.” Symptoms include tired brains, poor memory, and lack of engagement. Plus, you know, glossy eyeballs. That’s why we want to share five tips with writers everywhere. These tips can help you write content that engages people and gives their poor eyeballs a break. 1. Write a catchy headline. People read, watch, share, and talk about content all day long. Help your content stand out from the noise by writing a great headline. Need some inspiration? Barry Feldman’s post on writing great headlines can help you get started. 2. Get to the point – fast. Half of your website’s visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds reading your content. Give your ideas a chance by getting them in front of readers as soon as you can. It’s OK to weave an interesting hook or a personal […]

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5 Ways to Get Inspired with Your Content

You know you have to write another blog post, but your fingers just won’t cooperate on the keys. You could swear they’re staring at you, judging your lack of clickety-clack action. Writing is tough, and everyone has their off days. We’ve found five inspiring ways to refresh your mind and get those fingers moving. 1. Read other blogs. In the words of novelist W.P. Kinsella, “Read! Read! Read! And then read some more.” Many bloggers read four or five blogs on a consistent basis. Reading helps them track current trends and topics in their industry or area of passion. It also gives them fresh ideas to take back to their readers. If you don’t know what to say next, learn from others and share that wealth with your readers. Make sure you provide proper attribution if you decide to quote or repost part of someone else’s blog. 2. Absorb media. Check out local and national media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, news websites, and broadcast radio. Also pay attention to media professionals and journalists on social media platforms like Twitter. Sometimes a […]

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Get Better Franchise Marketing Through Customized Branding

It’s time for another lesson from the car lot. This lesson is dedicated to our franchisee audience. (If you’re a franchisor, check out our previous post on better franchise marketing.) According to Local Vox, 64 percent of franchisees feel disappointed by the quality of marketing support they receive from their franchisors. It’s not that franchisees think they don’t get any support; however, they feel their franchisors don’t support their individual franchise location. In the automotive world, OEMs provide marketing support to dealerships. However, many of the OEM’s messages market the OEM and its benefits – not a specific dealership and its unique qualities. It seems that franchisees of all types face a similar problem: How can they market their individual location while also taking advantage of and complying with their franchisor’s brand marketing program? Brand compliance matters In the eyes of consumers, franchisees are part of their franchisor’s corporate brand. The actions taken by the corporate franchise brand – and the messages it sends – reflects on the franchisees. The reverse is also true. When franchisees send a message, their […]

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