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Don’t Let Digital Fatigue Stunt Your Email Marketing

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If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with the influx of digital marketing content every time you go online, then so can your customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind to help your email marketing efforts overcome your audience’s digital fatigue.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Readers Love Your Content

Have you ever felt really, truly overwhelmed by content? There’s a good chance your readers have too. The average American spends a little over 12 hours per day consuming media. Millennials spend up to 18 hours. All that media consumption can lead to “glossy eye syndrome.” Symptoms include tired brains, poor memory, and lack of engagement. Plus, you know, glossy eyeballs. That’s why we want to share five tips with writers everywhere. These tips can help you write content that engages people and gives their poor eyeballs a break. 1. Write a catchy headline. People read, watch, share, and talk about content all day long. Help your content stand out from the noise by writing a great headline. Need some inspiration? Barry Feldman’s post on writing great headlines can help you get started. 2. Get to the point – fast. Half of your website’s visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds reading your content. Give your ideas a chance by getting them in front of readers as soon as you can. It’s OK to weave an interesting hook or a personal […]

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Content Marketing 201: How to Create Better Content

Want to create content that gets better engagement and views because it helps your audience? We have a wealth of practical tips and expert opinions in our last installment of the Content Marketing 201 series. Keep reading to find out how to create better content for your brand. Creating content: Follow the golden ratio of content. There are two types of created content: owned and promotional. Owned content is simply content you create that doesn’t have a sales pitch attached. For instance, this blog post is an example of owned content. Although we hope our readers enjoy our blogs posts enough to check out the awesome services we provide, we’re also committed to providing helpful, relevant advice and information to our readers – no strings attached. Promotional content includes a specific call to action. This includes advertisements, coupons, giveaways, contests, and any message that is transactional (you offer something to your reader in exchange for information or money). Most businesses will create owned and promotional content, on top of the curated content we discussed last week. Follow a simple rule […]

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How Keeping Up with the News Can Help Your Content

When you are creating content for a specific business or enterprise, it’s always wise of the writer to be on top of their subject matter – meaning that the writer has a working knowledge of the subject’s most current matters and events on a local, national and global scale. Before reporters go out to cover stories, they gather as much information as they can and make sure that it’s the most current before even leaving the news room. As a creator of content, you should have a similar approach!

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