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3 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness, Part 1

3 Steps for Financial Marketers to Increase Brand Awareness

Step 1: Challenge the Mindset IMN’s 2014 Content Marketing Survey uncovered some interesting content marketing issues specifically for the banking and financial services industry. Overall, banking and financial services marketers seem less confident in their content marketing efforts, strategy, and compliance than other industry marketers. They have unique struggles and concerns: Navigating legal compliance while developing compelling marketing messages. Handling a delicate subject matter (money). Representing clients ranging widely in personal wealth and financial intelligence. When asked for their primary content marketing goal, these marketers said they want to increase brand awareness. IMN wants to help them by breaking down that goal into three easy-to-follow steps. Although this series is geared towards banking and financial services brands, any brand can apply the general practices and ideas promoted. We hope this series helps marketers find a better way to build awareness for their brands. Before you build brand awareness, become aware of your audience’s problem. Your brand has a claim to fame: You offer a unique solution or service to help current and potential clients manage their financial matters. Naturally, you […]

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One Way to Drive Engagement and Increase Brand Awareness

Nowadays, it isn’t enough for a brand to launch just any average social media campaign. For a campaign to be effective in increasing brand awareness, it must encompass an element of engagement. Last month we did a post on two social campaigns that were met with incredible success because the evolution of each campaign relied solely on audience participation and involvement.  Here’s a look at another campaign by Gap that does a great job at connecting with fans and promoting engagement.

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