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Success Story: Are You Fostering a Strong Relationship With Your Bank Customers?

HomeTown Bank

As the scope and ease of digital banking grows, it’s important for banks to foster a relationship with their customers. Effectively communicating with and educating your customers is critical to providing a great experience that helps them make smart financial decisions and continue using your services.

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9 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

(To the tune of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas…) On a dark night in early February 2013, not a football player was stirring in New Orleans. It was Super Bowl night, and the power was out; all through Facebook and Twitter, people wondered aloud: “Where is our football game? Why won’t it show?” Until one voice responded: “Hey look, an Oreo!” Oreo’s tweet, now famous—“You can still dunk in the dark”—was a smart, timely way to spread branded snark. But take heed, dear reader, should you try to sell your products and solutions on social media “shelves.” No matter how playful your pop-culture roast, readers may not respond to self-promotional posts. They tune out content that doesn’t engage them on platforms designed just for engagement. If you want to increase brand awareness for real, the nine tactics below can help seal the deal: Ask your existing audience on Facebook and Twitter what problems or obstacles they have to feeling good about their finances. The best way to understand a potential client’s problem is to ask your current audience what issues […]

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3 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness, Part 3

3 Steps for Financial Marketers to Increase Brand Awareness

Step 3: Connect the Dots Banking and financial services marketers have told us the primary goal in their content marketing efforts is to increase brand awareness. (If you haven’t already, download IMN’s 2014 Content Marketing Survey to see more things marketers revealed about their content marketing efforts.) This post is the third in a series to help financial marketers build better awareness for their brands using three easy-to-follow steps. Any brand can apply the general practices and ideas promoted in this series, but we’re addressing banking and financial services marketers directly. What have we learned so far? Before you talk about your brand, understand your target audience. That includes understanding audience members’ problems, and even helping them understand the problems in their situation. Before you talk about your brand, guide your audience through possible solutions to those problems. (To learn more about these steps, read the first and second posts in the series.) So far, you’ve helped potential policy holders or members understand the need to improve their current situation, and shown them that help is out there. They want […]

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