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2014 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

Take IMN's 2015 Content Marketing Survey

If your company is using content marketing – or thinking about it – you might wonder what other companies are doing and whether they’re succeeding. We have the answers. Again, this year, IMN surveyed companies large and small across a variety of industries… automotive, insurance, banking and financial services, direct selling, and franchise… to learn what’s working and not working for today’s content marketers. To see the highlights of the key findings from the Third Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey, check out our infographic below! Click here to download the full report.

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Content Marketing in a Nutshell [Infographic Friday]

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Is it effective? How do you get started? Maybe you know the answers to these questions, maybe you don’t – whatever the case may be, this infographic is great for all marketers alike. Learn about the various channels and tactics used by today’s content marketers, how B2B and B2C companies use content marketing, and what you can do to strengthen or establish your content marketing strategy.

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Ever Wonder Why Marketers Use Social Media [Infographic Friday]

Chief! Marketer recently released results from their widespread survey on social media trends in 2013.  The survey helps marketers to identify trends between B2C and B2B usage, the frustrations with social media and the reasons for relying on it.  So what’s driving the adoption of networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter? 

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