Your ‘Picture’ Perfect Guide to Social Media [Infographic Friday]

I’m fairly confident that most marketers managing their company’s social presence would agree that maintaining brand consistency across social platforms would be a whole lot easier if networks would simply abide by a set of standardized practices and guidelines for graphics. 

In response to consumer and industry shifts towards more visually appealing web content, Facebook introduced Facebook Timeline in September of 2011. A major feature of Timeline was the “cover photo,” a sprawling image that immediately attracts the viewers eye. Less than a year later, both Google+ and Twitter launched their own rendition of the cover photo. Sounds great, right? Now brands can keep their online presence consistent? Wrong. Unfortunately the social realm doesn’t abide by standardized guidelines for graphics, so that flashy new cover photo you created for Facebook won’t be of much use elsewhere.

With this cheat sheet you can avoid all the reformatting, redesigning and reconfiguring– everything image-related you need to know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is now in one place. Make sure to keep this infographic readily accessible!

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