What does Facebook’s Graph Search mean for businesses?

Facebook recently introduced their newest product, Graph Search. Although it’s still in beta testing, Mark Zuckerberg claims that along with Timeline and News Feed, Graph Search will be “another pillar” in Facebook’s ecosystem.

What is it?

“Graph Search is a new way for you to find people, photos, places and interests that are most relevant to you on Facebook.”

If Graph Search takes off, it will completely change the way we view search engines. Google, the number one search engine, tailors results to specific users but it’s very subtle and users still experience similar results with the same search term. With Graph Search, each users search results can be completely different because everything is based off their own network, their friends’ network and any other content that is listed as public. So, what does that mean for your business? How should this change your Facebook marketing strategy? Here are a few important factors to consider:

Make sure your Facebook Page information is accurate.

Your Facebook categorization and information is now going to be extremely critical to being found.  Make sure all of your information is correct and up to date.  If users are looking for a restaurant and your restaurant is listed as a sporting goods store, you won’t be found.

Likes are more important than ever.

The more likes you have, the more chances you have of showing up in someone’s Graph Search.  And, the more relevant likes you have, the better.  When I say relevant likes, I mean people who actually use your services or could potentially use your services.  If you are running a Facebook ad campaign, you might want to consider tailoring the ad to only target users who could be potential customers.

Your business page’s content will be searchable.

All of your Facebook Page’s posts are public and therefore searchable through Graph Search. Engaging with users on your page is extremely valuable because the more user engagement to each post, the more visibility your business will have in search results.  The most powerful forms of engagement for Graph Search have yet to be determined but getting tagged in users’ posts, comments, and checking in will most likely be excellent strategies.

Location Tags actually matter.

Until Graph Search came out, I thought location tags were pointless.  Facebook graph will rely heavily on location for search results. From what I have seen of Graph Search, where users check in will be valuable too.

Here is a great infographic by a sullivan studio on Facebook’s Graph Search.

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