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Just last week, research from the Global Web Index emerged indicating that Twitter has clenched the top spot of fastest growing social media platform in the world. Since its inception in July of 2006, Twitter has evolved from what was once an underrated, overlooked social networking, marketing, and communication tool to one of the world’s largest social platforms with over 500 million registered users. But how did Twitter rise to the top? By keeping a close eye on relevant technological trends in the industry, Twitter was able to adapt quickly to give its users what they wanted- primarily by way of customization, mobile optimization and an increased emphasis on content. Here’s a look at some of the pivotal milestones and developments that have helped create the Twitter we all know, use, and love today.


July 2006:Twitter is launched to the public and the site’s creator publishes the world’s first tweet:


May 2007: Mobile optimized twitter site is launched at

August 2007: The #hashtag is born.

October 2007: @nateritter popularizes the #hashtag with his coverage of the #sandiegofire.

September 2008: Twitter launches the “trends” feature and allows users to keep on top of the most popular, highly-discussed topics on the web.

January 2010: By providing their location, users are given the ability to see what particular topics are trending in their area.

April 2010: Twitter launches “Promoted Tweets,” its first advertising platform. Promoted Tweets allow advertisers to make their tweets available to a wider audience. Tweets are published on users’ timeline regardless of whether that user follows that particular brand/company.

April 2010: RIM launches its Twitter for Blackberry app followed by the official Android application just a few short weeks later.

May 2010: Twitter for iPhone is available on app store following April acquisition of ‘Tweetie,’ a mobile application compatible with Apple products.

September 2010: Total number of mobile users jumps 62% in a 5-month span.

September 2011: The number of registered users surpasses the 200 million mark.

May 2012: Twitter introduces “Tailored suggestions,” a feature that takes a user’s browser and  search history and generates specific suggestions regarding “who to follow” as a result of data collected. This intensifies web privacy debate wherein Twitter responds by promoting it’s “Do Not Track” option which blocks web applications from collecting users’ data.

June 2012: Twitter hones in on content with the introduction of expanded tweets. Without ever being directed away from their timeline, users can more thoroughly enjoy the content populating their timeline with the addition of content  previews, the ability to view images, watch videos, click through Slideshare presentations, and more.

December 2012: 500 million registered users, average of 175 million tweets sent per day, over 163 billion tweets since Twitter’s ’06 launch.

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