The Facebook Page Checklist [Infographic Friday]

It’s no secret that business has become increasingly more social over the past few years, in fact you’d be hard pressed to find an established company or brand lacking a social presence. So how can you differentiate your Facebook page from the 42 million pages out there? You can start by covering all your bases with this checklist.

1. “About” section
List your url and a concise description of what your company does
2. Additional “About” section
Provide links to your company blog and other social networks
3. Cover photo
Make it consistent with brand and aesthetically appealing
Make sure it adheres to Facebook Guidelines!
4. Cover photo description
Add an external link to your cover photo description to help drive traffic to your website, blog, etc.
5. Profile photo
Keep brand top of mind when selecting an image
Choose an image that complements the cover photo
6. App thumbnails
Take advantage of Facebook apps like a Facebook tab, for instance.You can check out ours here.
7. Page engagement
Measure page engagement by # of people “talking about this”
8. Content strategy
What types of content will populate your Facebook page?
9. Exclusive content
Offer fans unique content they can’t find anywhere else
10. Branding
Maintain brand consistency through posts
Seek to identify and connect with your fans
11. Commenting
Engage with fans: like and comment on their posts

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