Social Media Adding Color For Fall

Summer is winding down, and the social media market shows no signs of slowing down as we move into Fall.  In fact, the past few weeks have seen significant changes from all of social media major players. Take a look at some of the significant happenings in the market:Social Media

Facebook Offers:  In February, Facebook announced the availability of Facebook Offers as a new vehicle for small business promotions.  The offers are designed to be viral, appearing as an activity in your news feed.  This month, Facebook has announced some changes to the program.  First and foremost, Offers can now feature bar codes or other unique codes to aid in analyzing effectiveness.  But more importantly is the news that Offers is now a fee-based service, uniquely available to any business who has in excess of 400 likes.

LinkedIn Company Pages:  Early in September, LinkedIn enhanced company pages to enhance the user experience for visitors.  The updated pages allow companies to more easily build their brand with images, as they’ve been doing for some years with personal pages.  The new stream has been updated to provide more relevant posts which are easily shared.  The service is just rolling starting with some of LinkedIn’s largest customers.

Linked In Endorsements: In a move that ties together the power of reviews and the professional reach of the LinkedIn network. Endorsements allows you to draw attention to the skills and expertise of colleagues and others within your network.  There are multiple ways to endorse a connection for their particular skills, but the most common is to look at the Skills & Expertise section from within a profile and click on the skill you’d like to endorse.

Twitter Profiles:   Earlier this week, Twitter announced a new way to heighten your presence on the social platform – through a larger header image designed to run across all iterations of your Twitter application.  The photo runs across the top of your profile page, and your avatar is now centrally located on the page.  The new profile is reminiscent of the cover image on Facebook’s Timeline.  Check out this post for a great overview on how to set up your Twitter Profile, along with some great examples.

Keep your eyes on this space for more updates as they happen.

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