Overcoming Social Media Oversaturation

Direct selling stands out from other business models because it’s built on a foundation of strong personal relationships and direct communication. That model aligns well with today’s age of social networking, which has provided direct sellers with new ways to connect with prospects and clients.

But, from that popularity, a new problem has turned up for the direct seller: oversaturation. The rise of social media as a platform for direct selling promotion and sales, coupled with the increasing popularity of direct selling companies, has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of direct selling posts an individual sees on these platforms.

Facebook users in particular are beginning to find themselves feeling overrun by direct selling posts. This oversaturation is a problem not only because of competing posts, but also because users are less and less likely to read or become invested in any of the posts at all.

With oversaturation, direct selling loses the advantages of using social media. Personal relationships can’t develop if there are too many relationships for a buyer to maintain, and direct communication is much less effective when the buyer isn’t completely engaged in the conversations.

So what’s the better course of action?

Email newsletters.

Despite the growth of other communication channels, business-to-consumer marketing experts continue to see results from email newsletters. In fact, 75% of marketers say email newsletters will be critical content for marketing success in 2017.

For direct sellers, email newsletters are an excellent medium for communicating with prospects and clients. Email newsletters allow direct sellers to reach people directly through their inbox, rather than hoping their social media posts stand out in a sea of clutter.

Email newsletters also help boost the strengths of direct selling. They allow for targeted content and direct communication, while still allowing consultants to develop personal connections.

While using social media can be an effective means for direct selling, these platforms are getting more and more cluttered daily. The opportunity to stand out from the crowd presents itself. Email newsletters are a proven way for direct sellers to break through the noise to get noticed and get results.

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