New on the Social Media Front

Lots of new features emerging to better engage your best customers and prospects, this month we look at a few of those features:

Ever want to share a funny or provocative tweet with a friend of yours who is a (gasp) non-Tweeter?  Twitter is in the midst of introducing a new feature through which you can share a tweet…by email.  It’s sort of the ultimate in the multi-channel communication experience – simply click on a “more” icon, comment and email away.  For Twitter, it’s a great way to get new users hooked on the short form messaging platform.  For me, it’s a great way to share market or competitive intelligence that comes through my Twitter feed with some of my less socially-adept colleagues.  How do you envision making it work for you?

Facebook is testing new features around commenting.  First is the ability for a page administrator to respond directly to a comment which would encourage conversation between parties rather than one-way transactions.  It’s a great way for a brand to diffuse a potentially incendiary discussion, as well as being a great way to thank, recognize or engage consumers in new ways.  In the same vein, Facebook is also testing the elevation of the most popular comments to the top.  YouTube does this already, and it gives the commenter a positive experience that they’re more likely to share with friends.

Do you have interest in Pinterest?  Particularly as a way to showcase your wares and merchandise?  Like its social network brethren, Pinterest recently introduced business pages, a platform from which you can establish an identity for your brand…in pictures.   Currently, you can go to Pinterest and either convert an existing personal profile into a business page, or create a new business page.  Either selection will present you with new buttons and widgets including a Pin It button, Profile widget, Follow button – all designed to drive interaction and ultimately, traffic to your site.   The pages have been working for early adopting brands that present lifestyle, model, merchandise and tip related images to their followers.

What’s catching your eye in the social world?

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