Finding Party Plan Success: Creating Consistent Excitement and Maintaining Relationships

Party Plan selling is one of the most popular methods of direct selling, and for good reason. Whether it’s Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, or Home & Garden Party, direct sellers who combine a consultant’s passion, strong personal relationships, and a quality product often see consistent sales volume.

And, with the emergence of social media as both a way to make new connections and an organizing tool, party plan selling is becoming more popular than ever.

But, as party plan selling has become more widespread, the challenges facing organizations and their consultants have also become clearer – with the primary one being creating consistent excitement and maintaining relationships while protecting your brand and its core value proposition.

Aside from the training and foundation you provide to your consultants, the most important way you can help them fulfill their potential is with the support of engaging offers and content communicated directly to their customers.

By leveraging tools, such as an email newsletter, that deliver a consistent message in the form of targeted, exclusive content, you position your consultants as experts while allowing them the flexibility to present their own personality and individuality to their customers, in effect becoming the dynamic face of your organization.

This is the key to your symbiotic relationship with your consultants: they thrive from your support, expertise, resources, and backing, and you gain not just an effective sales operative in the field, but a passionate brand advocate.

Email newsletters facilitate and enhance this partnership, not only providing that critical component of communication and brand protection, but a full suite of tracking and analytics that give you complete insight into which email newsletter articles, promotions, and products are most popular.

By conducting comparative analysis both over time and across offers and making it easy for your consultants to target their hottest leads, you further empower them to identify sales opportunities and refine the efficiency of their own strategies.

What’s the cumulative effect of this type of support for your organization? Sustained excitement among your consultants as they see steady results, a consistent and favorable message delivered to your shared customers, and the assurance that your brand identity will remain pure and secure.

Party plan selling may be increasingly popular, but like any type of direct selling, success does not happen without hard work and a shared commitment between organization and consultant to seeing it through.

Leverage the tools that can help make your consultants realize their true potential, and find your party plan success today.

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