3 New Social Media Features to Help Grow your Business

Social media networks

Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature that applies star ratings for Places.  Similar to Google+ Local, Facebook encourages you to rate the places you’ve liked.  The star ratings will appear in the right sidebar and can be used as a basis for future recommendations, working similarly to Facebook’s AppCenter.

So what does it mean for you and your business?  Customers with whom you have a relationship – those who have liked your business or check in – can leave you a review, but can also keep your business front and center in their News Feed, garnering more visibility for the business.

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Twitter is testing possible replacements for the Favorite button – potentially a like button or a star option.  The goal is to provide brands a way to generate additional engagement.  The Favorite option was made more pronounced earlier in the year, and the company wanted to test alternative options.  Soon, tweets will feature the options EXPAND, REPLY, RETWEET, and STAR/LIKE.  Both share the star icon.

What does this mean for your business?  Consumers are looking to engage with your brand and your content and the star allows them to do it in a way that is slightly less committal than favoriting.  The feature has the potential to grow into an additional revenue strategy for their Promoted Tweets; or, they could begin displaying the likes and stars as they do in other social networks.

It’s a Profile Page, It’s a Timeline, It’s the New LinkedIn Company Page

Further blurring the line between corporate profile and company timeline, LinkedIn is rolling out newly designed company pages.  For corporate marketers, LinkedIn is providing more tools to help build relationships with followers.  The new layout provides more real estate for company updates, product news and career openings as well as larger images.  Featured Updates also allow companies to promote specific updates at the top of their news stream.

What does this mean for your business?  LinkedIn is offering features to encourage additional engagement, sharing and comments.   Over time, it’s likely that these pages will be tweaked to encourage messages and updates for specific markets and audience segments.

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