Word on the Street Part 3: Loyalty Driver® Driving Up ROI for Franchise Businesses

We take pride here at IMN in being a leader in content marketing for franchises. Whether it’s due to our expertise, full service, or cost-efficient model, we have a proven track record of lowering customer acquisition costs and helping franchise companies expand their prospects and customer outreach.

“It’s a well-known industry fact that drawing new customers costs many times what it takes to keep existing customers,” said Rick Kerr, vice president and general manager of IMN, citing a collection of studies. “Email marketing continues to stand as the most effective channel for customer retention,” he added.

While IMN e-newsletters are effective at improving customer retention, they also deliver a cost-efficient method of generating new sales. Franchisors can build relationships and increase sales productivity with the power of exclusive content, social networks, online access and control, and audio and video – capabilities not found in every e-newsletter service! Franchisees and customers can share e-newsletter content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, driving the viral spread of articles and promotions with the click of a button.

“A consistent brand image is critical for franchisors, but your franchisees still need a sense of individuality. Striking the right balance of consistency and individuality is where Loyalty Driver® shines,” said Kerr, who noted that IMN email newsletters allow franchises to control corporate messaging while also allowing franchisees to add local promotions or events.

And we have the documented results to back up our service:

“IMN keeps our franchisees connected with their customers by educating them on our products and offerings each month,” added Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now. “The easy-to-use platform lets us set up corporate-level content while still allowing the franchisees to personalize for their communities. They love the program because they see increased customer engagement each month.”

IMN remains committed to delivering ROI for franchise companies. To take advantage of our Loyalty Driver® e-newsletter, click here.

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