WHAT IF? Content Marketing and Fishing for the Cat Lady

Content Marketing and Fishing for the Cat LadyBack in the early-mid ‘00’s, I used to work for a major publishing company that licensed tons of content for digital consumption. We had content for everyone. Financial, health, education, legal, scientific – you name it, we had content neatly packaged and ready for your business to exploit.

One client we licensed health content to was a patient recruitment agency that specialized in finding and recruiting volunteers for large pharmaceutical clinical trials. They were recruiting study volunteers for a disease commonly found in older women called osteoporosis, the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over time. Our client recognized that many older women suffering from osteoporosis have cats, particularly women that live alone and are in a lower socioeconomic demographic without affordable access to healthcare. In fact, some of these women have such an affinity for cats, you could say they’re somewhat obsessed with them. My client had a hunch that cat obsessions transgress digitally to the ever-loving internet… and an idea formed.

My client said, hey, what if…

What if we make a whole bunch of mini-websites devoted to people who love cats? Easily found on Google using paid search terms, these websites could have tons of pictures, videos and great articles about cats doing cute and sassy kitty things – and, we could sprinkle in osteoporosis health content, too.  People that click on the osteoporosis content may be good candidates for our study and we can re-target them with an invitation to join the clinical trial.

So, they did it. They made a whole bunch of mini-websites about cats. They bought a boat load of cat content, they wrote some of their own and they even created an email newsletter people could sign up for.  After sprinkling in a nice dose of osteoporosis health news and information, including some blatant calls to action about their clinical trial, they were ready to fish for cat ladies.

It worked like catnip.

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