The Evolving Social Media Landscape

The first few weeks in April have been filled with significant social media happenings:

Facebook buys Instagram:  On April 9, Facebook announced its $1 billion offer to buy photo-sharing service, Instagram.   Photo sharing has turned out to be a leading application of Facebook with subscribers uploading over 250 million photos per day.  Instagram has cornered the market on photo sharing, particularly within the mobile space, so it seems to be a marriage made in heaven.

Facelift for Google+:  Anyone else think the look is a little familiar from the landscape cover photo option, increased white space and easier navigation?  For me, I’m finding it easier to work with, though I have yet to see the real appeal of the service.  That said, Google has made huge strides with the simpler design, app-inspired look and feel and new focus on photos.

Targeted Updates from LinkedIn:  Finally some new functionality for LinkedIn’s company pages!  LinkedIn has done a good job providing businesses the chance to promote themselves, their blogs and feeds within the Company Pages feature, but soon, businesses will actually be able to send targeted notifications to segments of their followers.  Administrators can select specific segments of followers, and send relevant content directly to them, leveraging all of the data that LinkedIn has been collecting.

Board Covers from Pinterest:  Listening to input from their most active pinners, Pinterest has introduced the ability to set Board Covers, or dedicated cover images for each of their pin boards.  Think Facebook Cover Photos for your albums.  A big week at Pinterest, they also announced the ability to share videos from Vimeo.

IMN Launches IMN Social Driver:  Today, IMN, the digital marketing company that delivers branded newsletters and content for vertical markets, extended their publishing capabilities across social media networks with IMN Social Driver.  The fully-managed service, initially targeted at auto dealers, is designed to provide a steady stream of unique content to dealers’ blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as providing a Social Digest aggregating a sampling of content and emailing it to each dealer’s database to help cross-pollinate email and social media lists.

We’ll keep you posted on more social happenings as they occur!  Watch this space.

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