The Email Marketing Stats for 2014 You Should Know

businesspeople text message on their mobile phonesA new study released by Litmus, experts in email marketing and analysis, uncovered some notable shifts in the email marketing landscape in 2013. The biggest of these is the shift from desktop to mobile, with more emails being opened on mobile devices for the first time ever.



How do you make sure your emails are accessible to your readers on the go?

  • Keep messages brief. Mobile users are often checking their messages between other tasks. Tell them what they need to know so they can move on without missing anything important.
  • Think about your text readability. Mobile battery life often causes people to turn down the brightness of their screens. Glare from outdoor reading only makes the problem worse, so keep the contrast high.
  • Your mobile readers won’t be using a mouse. Make your call to action easy to find and big enough to click with one touch.
  • Isolate the required unsubscribe links from any other clickable links to avoid accidental clicks.

Other interesting facts from the Litmus report:

  • iPhone was the #1 email client at 26%
  • 38% of all emails are opened on iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Mobile email opens increased 21%
  • Android email opens increased 57%

Email remains one of the best ways to deliver your message directly to your customer. Your newest challenge is to make sure they can read it wherever they are, on any device. Ask us how we can help!

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