Microsites: A Content-Rich Relationship Builder

In today’s marketing landscape, email newsletters and email campaigns don’t just qualify as targeted marketing – they’re content marketing, focused on informative, relevant, and timely editorial content that helps customers solve problems and answer questions.

A content-and-experience-centric approach helps you build relationships and influence customer behavior, and iMakeNews® is a self-service solution that aims to achieve this exact result. How?

As a newsletter platform that creates customized microsites delivered by email, iMakeNews allows for deep engagement and behavioral analysis while serving as an ideal option for communicating with customers, internal employees, and vendors and partners at multiple levels.

But, what exactly are microsites and how do they add value to an email newsletter campaign?

Microsites serve as custom-made companion pages for every email newsletter, encouraging subscribers to click, navigate, and interact with content quickly and easily. They represent a shift from one-dimensional, hard-sell promotional emails by putting the focus increasingly on engaging content – content designed to meet customer needs rather than explicitly sell product.

The measurable analytics inherent in an email newsletter service mean you can track subscriber clicks, gaining insight on where their interests really lie and helping you present offers that encourage active responses.

The behavioral analysis goes deeper. Microsites expose you to rich demographic and behavioral information, enabling you to:

  • Extend your brand.
  • Enhance tracking of content-related behavior.
  • Maintain personalization and dynamic content.
  • Enable searchable archives.
  • Increase search engine prominence through custom domain, embedded links to your website and optimized content.
  • Promote interactivity through registration forms, surveys, letters to the editor, and more.
  • Share content with colleagues via email or social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What are the results of content-driven engagement and deeper insight into audience behavior? Better-served customers who will prove loyal subscribers for longer periods of time, and actionable intelligence to better inform your next sales steps.

Combine the two today, and increase your odds of email newsletter success!

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