Let’s Get Visual: No More Boring Emails

Colorful paint splashes from computer screenYour email copy is important, especially when it deals with complex topics like financial services. It needs to be interesting, informative, and useful to your subscribers — but nobody wants to read “War and Peace” in their email inbox.

Don’t pack your marketing emails with a ton of copy in the name of getting your message across. When crafting your emails, approach them with a visual design in mind. Incorporate images and illustrations to help your subscribers understand and retain information, in turn making them more likely to engage.

Here are some tips for making your emails more visually appealing.

Use Images (Within Reason)

Images aren’t just for slapping your logo on your emails. They can tell a story, entice a click, or break up blocks of text. Be sure to use images that are relevant to your copy and always use alt text so subscribers can know what the image is if their email client doesn’t download images by default. Avoid making your email one big image since emails lacking any copy often get stopped by spam filters.

Illustrate Information

You can use graphical illustrations to simplify and convey complex ideas, helping your readers retain the information. Use graphics to illustrate stats or to give an otherwise gray email splashes of color. When using illustrations (or any visual element for that matter), be mindful of the placement. Readers’ eyes should follow a Z-pattern as they scan your email. Use your illustrations to guide them down your email to the call to action (CTA).

Graphic illustrations on device screens

Break up Text With Headers

Making a visually appealing email isn’t just about loading it with images and graphics. While your email needs copy — an 80/20 ratio of text to images is the best way to avoid spam filters — pay attention to how that copy appears. Most readers will quickly scan information-dense walls of text and not absorb the message. Break up your email into digestible sections with headers that are a different size and weight from the rest of your copy.

Add a CTA Button

While a CTA should be standard in all your emails, don’t let it languish at the bottom of your email with a basic text link. Use a graphic or coded button to draw attention to what you want your readers to do. Be sure the button complements the rest of your visual elements to avoid a scattershot of graphics that fail to guide eyes. As with images, remember to use alt text on graphic buttons so readers know what it is if it doesn’t load. And ALWAYS double-check your links.

Your emails exist to inform and engage your subscribers, so avoid sending them walls of text that don’t sink in. Use visual elements — whether images, graphics, or headers — to make your emails more appealing.

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