Let Us Handle It

Never let it be said that marketing in the financial industry is a simple business.

Banking marketers face a great deal of pressure from all sides: your content has to pass regulatory and compliance standards that are some of the strictest around, and your customers expect you to be engaged to help them meet their own goals.

With that said, we here at IMN are consistently impressed by one simple fact: you know what marketing practices you need to put into effect to deliver useful, relevant content month in and month out.

You get it. We see that you get it.

Banking marketers know the value of offering informative content addressing financial topics and presenting a consistent, reliable brand image. But, there’s still a problem.

You’re very, very busy.

One of the pressures I alluded to earlier is this simple reality: on a typical day, banking marketers are getting pulled in approximately a hundred different directions at any given moment.

You may know what needs to be done to craft a profitable marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you have the free time necessary to make it happen.

That’s where we come in.

What we Offer

IMN experts and account managers live and breathe an email marketing service that delivers results.

Loyalty Driver® for Banking is a turnkey newsletter service designed to save you time and keep your bank top-of-mind for financial services.

It provides a solution for corporate and the local branch by striking the perfect balance of brand consistency and individuality.

With Loyalty Driver, you can take advantage of diverse capabilities without the huge time investment it would take to pull off yourself – including exclusive content, social networking, online access and control, and audio and video functionality.

Our editorial team strives to deliver content that will move your best prospects through the decision-making process – content that they can easily share to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, turning customers into influence marketers and expanding your reach and visibility with no additional time commitment from you.

Finally, our approach is backed by a full suite of tracking and analytics, keeping you in the loop on how different measures are performing and allowing you to always retain final say while our experts work to perfect your strategy.


Is it possible to implement this kind of content-centric, customer-engaging approach on your own? Yes. Can it be hugely time-consuming and difficult to perfect without the knowledge and expertise of dedicated account managers? Definitely.

We know that you know what your marketing needs, which is why we’re here to listen and collaborate, not dictate.

Let us handle this aspect of your marketing as partners, and let the power of Loyalty Driver deliver consistent results for you so you can stay the master of your own time.

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