Leave Readers Wanting More

Do articles excite you? If you’re anything like most people, you’ll scoff at that question.

But on the other hand, do stories excite you? When you hear a story, do you get engrossed in it? Do you want to know how it ends? Do you somehow relate to it?


Stories attach you to themselves, and that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do. This is why they’re your biggest asset in leaving readers wanting more.

Writing about a product can get redundant and boring. Next time, use a customer testimonial, but not just for quotes. Let the satisfied user go on about how your product has changed his or her processes, and all of the key features will come out that way. Present it like a story, with a problem, solution, and resolution and you’ll keep your readers engaged.

Readers connect most with other people. They can identify with problems that a customer had. And once they feel the pain of the customer, they also feel the win that comes with fixing the problem with (ta-dah!) your product or service.

If you are trying to showcase a new process or event at your company, do it through employees. Let your employees explain what is different about this update and how it affects their jobs and customers lives, or let them tell their stories of how the time they made a company trip to the soup kitchen affected people they met.

Stories are an engaging way to keep your readers glued to the screen and leave them wanting more. So next time you send out an update, they’ll be more likely to want to keep up!

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