IMN Wins Direct Selling Association’s 2013 Partnership Award

The key to success in the highly competitive direct selling industry is the ability to grow distribution and increase average sales volume per distributor and consultant.

Quality communications, inclusive of engaging offers and content, sent to customers on behalf of their consultants, are critical to retaining loyal customers and growing revenue. For more than a decade, we have been instrumental in helping direct selling organizations consistently and profitably engage with their customers and prospects through the use of IMN’s Loyalty Driver. This flexible email marketing service helps direct sellers deliver a consistent message, while allowing each consultant and brand representative to leverage their expertise, personality and individuality.

Overall, direct selling organizations using Loyalty Driver have achieved:

  • 1.5 – 2 times greater average total sales
  • 2 – 3 times higher average online sales volume
  • 1.5 – 2 times more parties held on average
  • 2 – 3 times more recruits signed on average

Recognizing their success with the tool, two of our customers recently nominated us for the Direct Selling Association’s ETHOS awards, which are designed to identify and promote programs that serve as examples of direct selling done right. We announced that we were a finalist on June 5, and last night we learned that we won the award in the partner category. We wanted to give huge thanks to our customers, The Wine Shop at Home and Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, for nominating us, and give you a glimpse at the story behind each nomination:

The Wine Shop at Home: The WineShop at Home has been working with IMN to compile and distribute its award-winning monthly email newsletter, The Vin Note (recent example here:, to 216,000 subscribers on behalf of 1,700 consultants. The newsletter’s mix of wine lifestyle content, wine education content, product features, new wine arrivals and features on wine releases is what keeps customers and prospects engaged and opening the newsletter month after month. It has even convinced some wine enthusiasts to become consultants for the WineShop at Home.

Recent analytics run by the Wine Shop at Home indicate that its open rates are one of the highest in the industry and its click-through rates beat out industry averages. Interestingly, it is the lifestyle content in the Vin Note newsletter that is the most engaged-with. The Vin Note newsletter was the recipient of the DSA 2012 Digital Media Awards in the e-Newsletter, customer’s category.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic launched its newsletter in November 2012 and reported unique open rates of over 36 percent, and the addition of 7,000 new subscribers in the first six months, speaking to the value of the content. The company’s early month sales have surely been boosted because of the newsletter and it has been instrumental to the success of the company internally, helping it to grow and retain its consultants.

We look forward to working with our direct selling customers to send many more successful email newsletter campaigns, and celebrating the success of the programs along the way.

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