How to Create an Engaging Blog Post

There isn’t anything less appealing to a prospective blog reader than a text-heavy blog post. Unless your post can end world hunger, do your readers a favor and jazz up your blog posts! Here are a few ways to add a little spice to your content:

Computer monitor with images

  • Add relevant images. Artwork is always crucial to blog posts. An image that is both on point and draws the reader into the article can sometimes be the most powerful hook a blogger can use. You’ll be surprised with how quick of a response you will receive from your readers by adding a clever photo to your content. However, make sure to use some restraint. You want the readers to be reading for your insights and ideas, not for your gift for picking clever images.


  • Embed videos fromYouTubeIf your topic allows for it, it’s always helpful to embed visual elements to your blog posts. If your post is about the newest Chrysler sedan, try adding a video from Chrysler’s YouTube channel that has the car in it. Videos add a new element to the post while keeping the reader at your blog, rather than directing them elsewhere with simple links to the videos. But keep it relevant, or you’ll confuse the reader.


  • Use catchy headlines. A catchy headline that generates interest from the reader is ideal. It must be thought-provoking, on-point and short. Long, confusing and wordy headlines are a reader’s worst nightmare. If the reader must decipher your headline to understand the topic, you have lost the battle and, most likely, their readership. If you are having trouble writing the headline, try writing your blog post first and then finding a catchy phrase or something similar to use.


Pie Chart
  • Use graphs and/or charts with data. This may not apply to many blogs, but when you are dealing with raw data, it is best to use graphs or charts to provide further explanation for your reader. No matter how strong of a statement you are trying to make based on your gathered data, adding the visual element such as a pie chart to show percentages puts things into better perspective. Plus, it gives the blogger another leg to stand on when it comes to raw data so that it doesn’t seem that the numbers were randomly collected.

One of the most difficult tasks of a blogger is to try and retain readership – even on topics that the reader may not be particularly interested in. By adding different visual elements to a longer blog post, you are helping your cause and your readers’ attention span.

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