Content Marketing 201: How to Find Better Content

Our Content Marketing 101 series takes an in-depth look at the philosophy behind producing better content for an audience. Now we want to help you actually make better content.

Earlier this year, IMN surveyed content marketers and found their biggest challenge is sourcing engaging content. About 42 percent want to find it, but they don’t know how.

Take a deep breath, frazzled content marketers. IMN has your back with four pointers to find better content.

  1. Content is everywhere.

Searching for ideasWe live in the digital age where content sprouts up like dandelions in summer. The proliferation of online content can overwhelm the most seasoned of marketers. The trick is to start small and pick a few favorite news resources.

Industry blogs and online publications work if you know what topics you want to cover. However, if you need lots of content ideas that cover a wide range of industries and themes, try a content aggregator. Curata and Feedly are two popular aggregators for all kinds of resources, including articles, webinars, and videos.


  1. Content comes to you.

Here’s a best-kept secret in finding content: You don’t have to work hard to get better content delivered to your (digital) mailbox.

EmailMany blogs, companies, and publications post content online, but to help attract new readers and keep current ones interested, they use email marketing to send newsletters to a willing audience. (And we say more power to them!)

When you find a blog or publication you absolutely love, sign up for the newsletter! It will help ease the work you have to do without depriving you of that great content.

3. Be the tortoise.

Another way to make content work for you is to sign up for an alert system that emails content directly to your inbox. Google Alerts works well for general topics, although it’s been stripped of some capabilities over the years. Talkwalker is another free alert and monitoring tool.

who's your compet.The Tortoise and the Hare is a story beloved by children and content marketers alike. “Slow and steady wins the race” in the world of content.

You’ll feel overwhelmed if you try to find all of the content for next week’s social media posts today. So block out one hour every day to find that better content.

Maybe one day you read email newsletters and alerts and scroll content aggregator platforms, and another day you visit your favorite blogs and news sources. Try to limit yourself to one hour. Cramming your brain full of content means none of it will get a chance to really stick in your brain.


  1. Stick to a system.

Midsection of businessman with binders at office

Everyone organizes content differently. Some like spreadsheets, others like bookmarks and folders. Some prefer a whiteboard and different colored markers or the occasional sticky note.

Find an organizational style that works for you. Then stick to it religiously.

You’ll find more content than you know what to do with as you automate and aggregate your content search process. Don’t waste that hard work! Keep yourself organized today so you can benefit from your research tomorrow.

Now you know how to find better content. Want to know what to do with that content? Tune in for the next post in the Content Marketing 201 series!

If you want to know why better content matters, check out this post explaining what better content is and why you should care.

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