Content Marketing 101: What Is Better Content?

Content marketing is marketing that doesn’t look or feel like marketing. It doesn’t sell a product or a service. It sells your brand as a relevant, helpful, and trustworthy source of information to a consumer.

So how does it work? Content marketers find, research, write, edit, and design content that is meaningful to consumers. If consumers value a brand’s content, they may change their beliefs about a topic, share the content with their friends, or seek out more content produced by that brand. Or they may do all three.

Content marketing fosters brand recognition and trust to turn disinterested consumers into brand advocates in the long-term. It’s the best way to build a positive relationship between a consumer and a brand. Though content marketing serves an end goal, it is not a “quick fix, get rich” solution. It takes time to build and maintain relationships with consumers.

When we surveyed marketers from a variety of industries for our annual Content Marketing Survey, we found that content marketing is a medium to high priority for 76 percent of marketers. But only 33 percent of our respondents develop and use a content marketing program.

Another big takeaway: Nearly half of our respondents think their content is OK, but it could be better. They simply don’t have the knowledge, skills, or budget required to produce better content.

If you care about content marketing, then we want to help you do it better. But first you need to know what better content is.


Better content is relevant, because 60 percent of consumers like reading relevant content from brands.

You already track what consumers want and don’t want from you. You follow the industry news. You know what your competitors do and what your roles models do. Why not share those current trends and data with your consumers? Your relevant content will help consumers believe that your brand is an industry leader.


Better content is helpful, because 78 percent of consumers think brands with helpful content care about them.

Consumers like a brand more if they think that brand cares about helping them. If you produce and host helpful content on your website, blog, or other channels, consumers will visit your channels more. The more they come to you for helpful information, the stronger their positive relationship with your brand becomes.


Better content is trustworthy, because 70 percent of consumers like learning about brands through articles, not ads.

Take the time to make sure you produce accurate content that a consumer can really trust. You don’t want your content to turn off potential customers because of outdated information, broken links, bad design elements, or schmoozy sales pitches. Trustworthy content invites consumers to share your ideas with their friends.


Content marketing sounds like a lot of work, but it can save your brand from floundering in the digital clutter. It’s quickly becoming a power player for most marketers – but not all. Are you one of many marketers who don’t know how to use content marketing effectively? Come back next week to find out the serious obstacles that might be tripping up your content marketing efforts.

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