Word on the Street Part 2: Email Newsletters Still ROCKING for Direct Sellers!

We keep our focus on a few core things here at IMN. We look to deliver an effective e-mail marketing service for our customers. We work directly with our customers to fine-tune our approach. Above all, we look for ways to innovate and improve.

While we know what we’ve set out to do, it’s always nice to hear how our work has made a positive difference for a customer’s bottom line. Here are a few comments from our direct selling customers about the results IMN e-newsletters deliver:


“I was one of the original four founders of the IMN newsletter for Tupperware,” said Pam Clift, executive elite director for Tupperware, about Tupperware’s IMN e-newsletter “Tupperware Trends.”

“I saw such a need for it, and I loved the fact that the newsletter is so user friendly. It’s also compelling to open.  You want to open this newsletter when it comes in.  You can’t wait to see what’s next!”

“I believe every single sales force member should be using the Tupper,” added Jan McDonough, Executive Director for Tupperware. “They can’t afford not to use it. It’s an absolute must!”


IMN provides services to more direct sellers than just Tupperware, of course! Carrie Charlick, CEO and co-founder of Essential Bodywear, says: “IMN Rocks. We sent out an IMN newsletter to 75,000 customers and for the first time ever we had over $100,000 in sales in one day. Thank you, IMN!”

“I absolutely love the e-newsletter,” adds Deb Mausteller, retired team lead, Vantel Pearls. “I have customers that contact me because they see everything. I put a new message on every month and I offer specials. It’s really paying off and helping my business to grow.”


So while our focus on delivering quality, effective e-newsletters never changes, it’s always encouraging for us, and maybe a little informative for our customers, when we can share the positive feedback we’ve received for our efforts!

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