Shake It Up! Marketing Innovatively in the Banking Industry

In the banking industry, innovation may not be the first word to come to a marketer’s mind when looking at how to approach a customer – not because marketers in the banking industry aren’t creative, but because they face unique, daily pressures in the form of compliance rules and regulations that dictate their approach.

CreativityEven so, it is possible to shake up your methods and inject a little life and innovation into your marketing efforts!

One of the most effective and dynamic ways to target customers while still meeting compliance standards is with a branded email newsletter.

The key, of course, is not blasting out some generic corporate messaging at a long list of email addresses – that just creates white noise and clutters customer inboxes. Instead, try professionally written, customizable content that delivers innovative marketing on a consistent basis, is easy to manage, and is valued by your customers.

That’s what IMN’s Loyalty Driver® for Banking delivers.

Loyalty Driver for Banking

Loyalty Driver from IMN offers fresh, informative email newsletter content addressing financial topics relevant to your small business clients as well as your retail customers. IMN’s turnkey newsletter service is designed to save you time and keep your bank top-of-mind for financial services.

Striking the right balance of consistency and individuality is an IMN specialty. IMN creates a branded email newsletter template that adheres to your bank’s corporate branding and messaging specifications, but is flexible enough for local branches to add their own content.

Bringing Innovation to Financial Marketing

Loyalty Driver brings innovation to financial marketing by helping you build relationships with your customers. Your customers can easily share content tailored to their interests to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, helping drive the viral spread of articles and promotions.

IMN’s editorial team delivers a variety of engaging and relevant lifestyle, entertainment, and financial content designed to move your best customers and prospects through the decision making process. This quality content mix results in regular readership.

In addition, IMN-generated content passes through a rigorous compliance process, helping ensure your newsletter adheres to regulatory guidelines.


There’s an understandable temptation in the world of financial marketing to want to play it safe and simple, lest you inadvertently break a rule over step over a line.

But, IMN’s innovative approach brings some much-needed dynamism to your bank’s marketing strategy and that will only improve the performance of your campaigns.

Are you ready to shake things up?

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