Loyalty Driver® Supports Customer Engagement, Delivers Results for Financial Industry

When it comes to marketing, financial industry firms often have a harder time than their counterparts in goods and services. Just explaining some financial products and services can be a complicated task – never mind actually advertising, promoting, and selling those products!

What’s more, the environment for financial services is competitive, nuanced, and compliance-driven.

IMN recognizes the unique pressures facing financial industry marketers, and we’ve designed our Loyalty Driver® email newsletter service to help you meet those challenges.

Here’s how that service can work for your specific market needs:


As an independent bank, your key marketing goals are to make sure you’re there the moment your customers need you, whether that’s for personal or business loans, mortgages, or savings and checking plans.

Because those life events can happen at any time, you can’t always pinpoint exactly when your customers will need you. With IMN, you can send a branded, professionally written email newsletter that passes regulatory and compliance standards and, importantly, keeps you top of mind and inspires action.

Credit Unions

As a not-for-profit member-owned organization, building personal relationships is just as important as providing your members with highly competitive rates for loans, mortgages, or savings and checking accounts.

IMN email newsletters consistently deliver branded, relevant content each month. They are easy to manage and help keep you connected to, and engaged with, your members.


As an insurance provider, you understand that much of the success of your company comes from the success of your field sales agents. And, keeping your best agents in touch and engaged with your customers can be a critical factor in their overall effectiveness.

IMN email newsletters offer a cost-effective way for field agents to maintain engagement with customers and increase agent success. At the same time, you’re able to control branding and messaging and increase agent efficiency.

Financial Services

Financial advisors and planners use stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other tools to meet the needs of their clients. The most successful advisors consistently connect and engage with their clients when they need help and advice.

Branded email newsletter communications help advisors effortlessly maintain strong relationships with customers and prospects. Plus, fully measured results and analytics help advisors better identify what products or services clients are most interested in to increase sales.

The challenges of marketing in the financial industry may be unique, but you don’t have to go it alone. The IMN account team will work hand-in-hand with you to optimize your program for long-term success. Partner with the market leader who can deliver custom, relevant content, and watch Loyalty Drivergo to work for you, too.

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