Leave it to Fab

Leave it to Fab, the online shopping site dedicated to upcoming design and fashion to also be on the cutting edge of email opt-outs.  Fab is taking a proactive approach when it comes to sending you emails.  If five days pass and you ignore their digital correspondence, they send you one last email letting you know you have been opted-out.  The message is a blend of self awareness and humor titled “Stop.Getting.So.Much.Email. Smile. You’re designed to.”  And includes the option to opt-back in if you so choose.

As someone whose personal gmail account has turned into a receptacle for unopened emails ranging from skin care companies, to the clothing sales, to expensive jewelry I will never be able to afford in a million years, to offers on above ground pools from Costco (what can I say, my shopping addiction knows no boundaries) I can appreciate Fab’s willingness to help me keep my in-box a bit cleaner.   Their willingness to not barrage me with emails actually makes me like them even more.  It’s a move straight out of dating, act like you don’t care whether someone responds to you or not and it makes you that much more appealing.

The email marketer in me is curious to know how this is affecting their open rates; I would imagine they are amazing. I also wonder (and hope) that other companies follow suit. Can you imagine not having to deal with angry customers asking to opt-out!

Now if you will please excuse me I need to check out the latest sale on Fab, add some canary diamond earrings to my wish list, then see if I could fit an inground pool in my postage stamp of a backyard this summer.

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