Direct Selling: Taking the Sting Out of Start-Up Marketing Costs

Let’s face it: Direct selling is a tough business. The washout rate for new consultants is high, the personal investment to make a business flourish is steep, and success is never guaranteed.

Plus, every direct selling organization is dependent on growing distribution and increasing average sales per rep, and doing that requires its own set of expenses.

Hand over money

Marketing costs are often the first casualty of cost-cutting measures, but without the ability to reach one’s customer base, the business cannot survive.

Finding ways to market affordably and effectively can take creativity on the part of the company and the individual consultant. But, it also falls to the marketing vendors to be creative and effective.

We get that here at IMN. We understand our role doesn’t have to be limited to delivering effective targeted marketing services for our customers: We can also help by acknowledging this is a tough industry and coming up with creative solutions to help direct sellers overcome business challenges, including managing costs.

That’s why we’re now offering our email newsletter services free of charge to newly joining reps for the first 90 days. Rather than watch consultants shy away from proven marketing tools in order to manage start-up costs, we can help them build a better foundation for lasting success.

IMN e-newsletters connect customers directly with consultants and provide actionable data to increase sales. What’s more, we tailor each newsletter to the client’s needs because our dedicated account managers work one-on-one with each client.

In the world of direct selling, cost-cutting measures are often an unfortunate necessity. IMN understands that, and is making the tools for success in a tough industry not just available, but absolutely free in those crucial first months.

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