Direct Sellers: 3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Newsletter

Connecting with customers and prospects via personalized communications is critical.    The following are three tips that will help direct sellers get the most out of newsletter programs to position themselves—and their consultants—for optimal selling success.

newsletters for direct sellers1.   Remember personalized content equals stronger referral streams. Personalized communications play a critical role in the networking efforts of consultants to drive revenue and referrals. When direct selling organizations send out newsletters that appear to come from the recipient’s personal consultant, these newsletters have a greater chance of being opened.  Additionally, it allows the consultant to foster a closer relationship with his/her customer and prospect base.

2.  Empower consultants with analytics. After a newsletter campaign has gone out, tracking analytics provides insight into which content interests customers and prospects so that future campaigns can be altered accordingly to drive greater levels of engagement. Using analytics to empower consultant follow-up is also critical. For instance, a report that identifies the most promising leads based on engagement with newsletter content helps consultants prioritize follow-up.

3. Keep consultants in the know. Using newsletters for internal communications ensures consultants have all of the information they need to be successful. The internal newsletters also serve to help train new consultants and recognize successes. As a result, consultants begin each month informed and motivated to recruit new consultants, book shows and throw successful parties.

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