What’s your content strategy missing?

Content marketing has been around for years but recently, it has become more important than ever.  Search engines have been tailored to reward websites that generate new, fresh and relevant content. IMN surveyed marketing professionals across a variety of industries to get a better understanding of how they view content marketing and how they measure its effectiveness.

From our research, IMN’s editorial director Craig Fitzgerald and Content Rules author C.C. Chapman co-authored How Engaged Are Your Customers?, a white paper that summarizes the survey results.  In this post, we took a different approach and identified 3 critical areas that are missing in most content marketing strategies:


It’s a common misconception amongst marketers that with the elements of your marketing mix, one size fits all.  False. As you develop a content marketing strategy, social media, blogs, and email newsletters—whatever it may be— should support the strategy, but need to have tailored content.  Each channel has its own unique features, functions, and capabilities, and should therefore be treated as separate entities. 52% of survey respondents don’t have a separate marketing strategy for each channel. Content marketers falling into this category could be unknowingly sabotaging their own marketing efforts.


Once you’ve tailored your content strategy to fit each platform, it’s time to implement it. An editorial calendar is the most effective way to manage outgoing content across multiple channels.  Unfortunately, 59% of respondents indicated they didn’t use a content marketing calendar. If you missed our post about the benefits of keeping an editorial calendar, check it out. It comes complete with a blank editorial calendar template for your downloading pleasure!


An email newsletter is a grossly underrated marketing tool. Not only does it allow you to directly communicate with your audience, a newsletter platform comes equipped with reporting capabilities that allow you to see which types of content your readers find engaging, and exactly how engaged they are.

For more details on our research results and tips on how to fully develop your content marketing strategy, be sure to download How Engaged Are Your Customers?

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