Tips for Better Business Partner Evaluations

Please indulge us for a moment as we discuss something other than tips for better email marketing. It’s something we think also is important for the success of your business: good relationships with your providers.

Over our 15 plus years in business, we’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to choose our partners wisely. We’d like to share those lessons with you to help you evaluate your providers and make the most of your business relationships.handshake of businessmen.

First, when we evaluate the performance of our partners, we look at the tangible qualities in the relationship. Those things include the features, functionality, and costs of the product, as well as the results we achieve from the solution or service.

Then, there are the intangibles:

  • Is there a consistent account team assigned to us?
  • What roles make up the account team?
  • Does the vendor take the time to understand our business model and value proposition?
  • Do they regularly communicate with us about new insights to business problems?
  • Do they offer new and better ways to improve our efficiency, profitability, or service delivery?


In our experience, the best business partners possess a mix of tangible and intangible qualities that help us improve our operations and deliver an improved customer experience. Asking these same questions about your providers can help you identify the best partners for your business and help you succeed in the long run.


Note: Some of this content appeared in a different format in a recent edition of the Direct Selling Association’s SupplierSource e-newsletter.

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