IMN Shares Insights From Inspiring #IFA2015

Recently, IMN attended the International Franchise Association’s 2015 Convention (Feb. 15-18). The convention represented hundreds of franchises from around the world.

IMN’s mission at #IFA2015? To connect with franchisors and discuss technologies and strategies to help them better connect with consumers.

Mark Born, sales manager for IMN’s Banking, Financial Services, and Franchise solutions, noted franchisors have similar concerns with their digital marketing efforts as their counterparts in the automotive industry might:

“Digital marketing—and the results it can drive—is at the forefront of minds in the franchise industry. It’s becoming more and more apparent that a ‘spray and pray’ approach to digital marketing is no longer effective. Many franchisors now are looking to content marketing as a solution for personalized, segmented digital marketing that drives profitable customer action.”

Want to know more about the IFA convention? Check out IMN’s news release.

Sneak Peek: New Blog Series for Franchises

In light of Mark’s discovery, we want to dedicate our next blog series to you, dear franchisors and franchisees. One of IMN’s strengths as a company is how we apply our knowledge of the different digital marketing needs for various industries to help our clients better attract, engage, and retain customers. However, another strength we have is we can see where similarities exist across industries and can share some tried-and-true methods for success from one industry with another one.

So, our next blog series will reveal a few “Secrets Beyond the Car Lot.” They may help franchisors communicate a unified corporate message while also allowing franchisees to brand their individual locations with respect to brand compliance.

Not sold that great content is all that important to connecting better with consumers? You may find your peers’ opinions compelling: More than 75 percent of marketers classify content marketing as a medium or high priority in their overall marketing plan, according to the 2014 IMN Content Marketing Survey.

Want great content that builds loyalty and delivers results? Then check out what IMN’s content team can do for you!

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