High Expectations: How Banking Marketers can Meet the Demand for Quality Content

In just over a week, industry professionals from across the spectrum will descend on the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans for the American Bankers Association® (ABA) Bank Marketing Conference.

According to the conference website, two of the primary topics set to be discussed are the unique demands of the contemporary customer and the importance of executing a compelling content strategy. It might be an understatement to say that, in today’s service-and-experience-centric landscape, expectations in both of these areas are high.

When it comes to high expectations, marketers in the banking industry – be it an independent, regional bank or a community bank, large or small – are old hands.

You have to devise marketing strategies assuring customers the bank is there to meet a wide variety of needs: for personal and business loans, mortgages, savings, checking plans, and more. It’s critical that the content of those marketing efforts both engages customers and passes regulatory and compliance standards.

How do you pull it off?

There’s more than one way to peel an orange, and hard-working marketers have found ways to build relationships with customers while adhering to corporate and legal messaging standards, but why not opt for a single solution that achieves both, and more, while saving time and resources?

loyalty level conceptual meter

IMN’s Loyalty Driver® for Banking branded email newsletter service offers fresh, informative content for independent regional and community banks. Our turnkey newsletter service strikes a delicate balance of consistency and individuality, creating a template that adheres to your bank’s corporate specifications, but is flexible so local branches can add their own content, such as local promotions, hours and even special events.

The quality of the content, of course, is key. As the speakers at the upcoming conference will attest to, customer’s high expectations now include individualized content that not only addresses their unique needs, but caters to their lifestyle, as well.

IMN’s editorial team delivers just this: a variety of engaging and relevant lifestyle, entertainment, and financial content designed to move your best customers and prospects through the decision-making process. The regular readership that results is an opportunity for savvy marketers to build brand trust and loyalty, also paving the way for increased business.

High expectations are not a challenge to be trifled with, and exceeding them can require you to wear many hats as you strive to meet customer needs.

Let Loyalty Driver for Banking carry that load so you can focus on what you do best: optimizing your marketing for long-term success.

Catch up with us at the ABA conference in booth #302. For more information on IMN’s presence at the conference, check out our press release.

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