Chek You’re Werk: The importance of an editing process

There is nothing worse than reading an article or an email from a client and having to decipher what they meant due to the number of spelling or grammatical errors. As an associate editor, you wouldn’t believe some of the mistakes I see on a regular basis.

In a business setting, it can take only one typo for you to lose credibility. It’s like showing up at a formal dinner with a big ketchup stain on your shirt. In fact, both problems can be solved by using the same concept: check your work (outfit).

In order to prevent your customers from getting the wrong impression about you and your company, here are two guidelines to follow for a simple editing process.

  • Read it, re-read it, re-read it again. Almost 90 percent of mistakes in your work can be fixed with just a quick re-read. And yet, you’d be surprised with how many businesses don’t have any means of editing their work. You should re-read your work at least twice, including once out loud to yourself.
  • Have an editing partner. When you are done proof reading your work, you should have someone else look at it. This may be difficult if it’s a complicated subject matter. However, the other person is more likely to catch your mistakes than you are. Let them read through and make helpful suggestions.

Clean content should not be a luxury – it should be a standard. When you take the necessary steps to fix your spelling and grammar, no matter the type of content, it shows your recipient that you care about details and about doing your job to the best of your ability.

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