A Passion for Content

“Passion.”  The word conjures up some rather attractive synonyms: fervor, ardor, infatuation, obsession, excitement, zeal.  Marketers love working on brands where their customers have a passion for whatever their brand stands for.  It makes their jobs so much easier.

Understanding how your customers connect with your product beyond the basic ‘features, advantages and benefits’ will make your storytelling easier, more fun and set a foundation for a much more exciting marketing communication.   If you can dig deep into understanding your typical customer’s passions, you can mine topics and story lines that make for extremely creative content.  It’s this “passionate content” that instantly resonates with your audience and creates a greater bond with them.

The J.Peterman Company has been expertly weaving fascinating tales of world travel adventure forever.   Here’s the story they’re telling about their jeans jacket:

Telluride, 1917
“You should have been here last week.”

 We all should have been everywhere last week…

The fishing was better.  The childhoods more perfect.

Telluride was once a remote mining village in the mountains. (Imagine then, coming down out of the mountains through the snow, seeing the lights of Telluride at dusk.) Today, of course, it’s just an outpost of the movie industry. A place to ski between a screening and a preproduction meeting.

 At this very minute people are arriving at the door of their simulated frontier cabins in Telluride, Aspen, and Vail, with their chefs, their interior designers, their personal trainers, their laptops, their fresh porcini and extra-virgin olive oil, and the script they’ve promised to finish reading by Monday. “Done deal. I promise.”

 Despite an evaporating sense of what is real, or was once real, a few old things mysteriously hold up under the pressure of overexposure.

 This is one of those things.

 Roughside Cowhide Jeans Jacket (No. 2482). Four outside pockets. Made of 100% cowhide split leather, soft pure cotton lining. Pretty simple. Nothing ever seems to go wrong with it.


Umm… so, when can I meet you in Telluride to discuss that acting part?  I’ll be wearing my very cool Roughside Cowhide Jeans Jacket (No. 2482).

But, passionate content isn’t only appreciated by the jet-setting crowd.  This kind of product storytelling isn’t something only applicable for the leisure travel, music making, auto enthusiast, mountain climbing or California wine toting brands.  There’s a very good chance that your brand, whatever it is, helps support or fulfill somebody’s passion, too.  And, you too, can tell great stories that spark imagination and fervor.

So, do your homework and discover the passion point in your brand.  What is it about your product or service that fuels people’s desire to engage?  What can you say about your brand that makes people want to read more – to check in with, connect with, to share?

Everyone loves hearing from others who share their passion.  Make your audience happy they heard from you.

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