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“It’s Not You, It’s Me”

Small businesses should stop giving into social media What would “Dear Abby” say to someone who spends lots of time and energy on a love interest who doesn’t notice or care? “See what else is out there. Play the field. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Small and medium businesses need similar “Dear Abby” guidance on their love for social media. A new survey from research firm BIA/Kelsey found that nearly 75 percent of small businesses use social media for business advertising and promotions. They spend more on average on social media than any other media platform. But less than 26 percent think they see “extraordinary” or “excellent” returns on their investment. Social media is attractive and exciting. All of your friends really like social media too. But if social media isn’t making you or your sales team happy, then you need to reevaluate how much love and attention you give it. It’s OK to be wrong about social media. Email understands. And email can help you prompt triple the number of purchases. Email works nearly 40 times […]

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2014 Content Marketing Survey Infographic

Take IMN's 2015 Content Marketing Survey

If your company is using content marketing – or thinking about it – you might wonder what other companies are doing and whether they’re succeeding. We have the answers. Again, this year, IMN surveyed companies large and small across a variety of industries… automotive, insurance, banking and financial services, direct selling, and franchise… to learn what’s working and not working for today’s content marketers. To see the highlights of the key findings from the Third Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey, check out our infographic below! Click here to download the full report.

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Leave Readers Wanting More

Do articles excite you? If you’re anything like most people, you’ll scoff at that question. But on the other hand, do stories excite you? When you hear a story, do you get engrossed in it? Do you want to know how it ends? Do you somehow relate to it? Stories attach you to themselves, and that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do. This is why they’re your biggest asset in leaving readers wanting more. Writing about a product can get redundant and boring. Next time, use a customer testimonial, but not just for quotes. Let the satisfied user go on about how your product has changed his or her processes, and all of the key features will come out that way. Present it like a story, with a problem, solution, and resolution and you’ll keep your readers engaged. Readers connect most with other people. They can identify with problems that a customer had. And once they feel the pain of the customer, they also feel the win that comes with fixing the problem with (ta-dah!) your product or service. If […]

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A Look Back at DSA Annual Meeting

If you were following us on Twitter (@LoyaltyDriver) at the beginning of the month, you know we attended the DSA Annual Conference in Orlando. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of our time spent in booth #208. After arriving on Saturday, we set up in record time, making sure everything was in place to greet our booth visitors the following day. Shout out to all of our clients who came by to say hello and get a picture with Michelle in the booth. We always love a chance to catch up! This year’s theme was “One,” which fit in perfectly with the first ever Perfecting Partnerships Roundtable, designed to open lines of communication between member and supplier companies to help us work better as one. (Psst: Be on the lookout for an eBook recap of the roundtable!) Author Jim Collins gave us a lot to think about during his general session about leadership, going from a good company to a great company, and how to carry on through hard times. My personal favorite take away from the […]

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